One Room Challenge Week 1: Home Office Refresh

It is such a strange time to start a design blog. If you’re like me, though, you’ve developed a new appreciation for your home over the last two months. Not to mention you could likely use a fun distraction.

One Room Challenge

Enter the One Room Challenge, aka the perfect creative project. During the ORC, featured designers and guest participants (that’s me!) make over a room in just eight weeks.

I’ll be transforming my home office, formerly known as a spare bedroom. Currently, the room has a desk, an office chair, and a door that closes. While it gets the job done if you will, the home office could certainly use a refresh.

My favorite aspect of the room hands down is the treehouse energy. You can hear birds chirping and the wind rustling, and there are excellent views of mature trees. My goal for this challenge is to encapsulate the oddly specific feeling of sunshine on your face during a warm spring morning while you sip coffee on your back porch and listen to a Young Smith song.


Here are some inspiration shots from very talented folks:

Designer: Amber Interiors, Photographer: Tessa Neustadt
Designer: Emily Bowser, Photographer: Sara Ligorria-Tramp


And now, please allow me to present my home office as it looked today:

Home office before One Room Challenge - Desk View
Home office before One Room Challenge - Window View
Home office before One Room Challenge - Door View

As you can see, we’ve got a LONG way to go. Next week, we’ll be discussing the layout and design details, which will address some pressing questions. Will the desk stay under the windows even though the sun is BLAZING in the afternoon? Will I ever figure out molding math? Only time will tell.

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Want even more design goodness? You can spread some love to the ORC Spring 2020 featured designers and fellow guest designers here.

  1. Laura says:

    Can’t wait to see, what a great blank slate, I can’t wait to see your design plans!

    • Katie Wood says:

      Thank you, Laura! Excited to see that you’re participating too! Loving your wallpaper choice.

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