One Room Challenge Week 6: Committing to a Paint Color

Week 5

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge was cancelled in order to honor and respect the lives of victims of police brutality. It was a much-needed pause to reflect and learn about racial injustice and ways to be a better ally.

In the design space, I sought out more voices of people of color. Medina of Grillo Designs and Tanieka of This Borrowed Home are so talented and have become fast favorites. Please be sure to give them a follow if you haven’t already.

Week 6

Danny and I assembled the arm chair for the reading nook. Based on the reviews, I was expecting a battle to get the chair put together, so we were pleasantly surprised when it was a quick and simple job.

As for quality, I give the chair two thumbs up for the price. The fabric is a lovely texture and color, and the seat is very comfortable. I’ve caught both Danny and Ziggy, our cat, sitting in the chair multiple times over the past few weeks. One thing to keep in mind is that the chair sits very low to the ground, but that doesn’t both me since the seat width and depth are nice.

Besides the chair, I’ve also made progress on painting. I finally committed to a color after sampling not one, not two, but SIX colors.

The first two colors that I sampled are the second and third from the top in the photo above. While lovely colors, both ended up looking too brown. I wanted a light green or sage, so I picked out three more colors to sample. Danny was committed to assisting with the color selection, so he also picked out a green. Can you tell which?

Let’s just say his taste is very Key West 🙂 The color I ended up going with is Behr Cottage Hill, which is the bottom sample. I’m painting the walls and trim the same color. So far, I’ve painted the walls, crown, and base molding. That just leaves the closet doors and windows, plus the picture frame molding once that’s installed.

There’s a LOT left to wrap up, but now that the paint is at least mostly finished, the space already feels so much more special. Looking forward to week 7!

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