The 6 Projects We’ll Be Tackling in 2022

The start of a new year is always an exciting time for me. I love to make myself some coffee, sit down with a fresh notebook, and dream big about the year ahead. For 2022, I have some big home and garden projects on the docket. Here are the six projects we’ll be tackling:

1. Install garden paths in the side yard

In the side yard, we’ll be installing pea gravel paths around the newly-added raised bed. The paths will connect the driveway to the side door, which will help the side door feel more intentionally placed. Currently, the door just opens onto a very small concrete paver that leads to nowhere. The paths will also suppress weeds from growing into the raised bed. As part of this project, we’ll be adding edging and planting a new garden bed along the wall of the house.

2. Inspect and repair the family room fireplace

While we were quarantining at home over the holidays, I was desperately wishing that our family room fireplace was functional. How cozy would it be to have a crackling fire going on chilly days? We’ve never used the fireplace, and I plan to have it inspected to see what repairs, if any, will be needed to get it to a safe and usable condition.

3. Plant the front garden bed

Ah, the front garden bed. This is a sadly neglected area of our yard, but just a bit of attention will go a long way towards improving the curb appeal of our home.

When we first moved in, we hired a landscaper to remove invasive plants, install a retaining wall, and regrade part of our lot. We didn’t have any budget left to tackle the pretty stuff as a result. Thankfully, our landscaper very kindly installed a tree in the front bed as a parting gift at the end of that initial project. I love that it makes us think of him, so we’ll definitely be keeping it – just transplanting it to a different spot in the yard since it has grown quite tall.

I’ve also made some half-hearted attempts at planting this area over the years, but it is west-facing, gets beat down with afternoon sun, and has compacted clay soil. I made some poor plant selections, and most of my plantings didn’t make it. Now that I have a bit more gardening knowledge, I’m hopeful I can install some lovely plants that are more suited for the site.

4. Update basement flooring

I’d LOVE to replace the basement flooring this year. Currently, there’s a combination of tile and heavily stained carpet. I’m imaging a stone floor – maybe limestone or slate? Something classic and durable that can stand up to a lot of traffic.

5. Style home office

My home office is freshly painted but in need of finishing touches and styling. I’ll be installing picture frame molding, window treatments, and perhaps a new light fixture, in addition to adding functional storage and a desk area.

6. Replace the back deck

This is the biggest project on the list. At the end of 2019, we got some quotes for replacing our back deck, which was badly rotting and not up to code. We were quoted $5,000 for demo of the existing deck, so we decided to save some money by handling that part of the project ourselves. Well – we did complete the demo, but then the pandemic hit just as the build of the new deck was about to start.

Everything was understandably paused for the safety of the workers. Of course, then there was also a lumbar shortage and prices went way up for supplies and labor. So needless to say we haven’t picked this project back up until now. Fingers crossed 2022 is our year for a new deck!

So there you have it – the six major projects that we plan to complete in 2022. What projects do you have planned for this year? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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